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Lori LethinWelcome to the official fan site for actress and former scream queen Lori Lethin.

On a whim during the late 1970's, Lori packed her bags and took off for Los Angeles to begin her acting career, scoring a role on Charlie's Angels as "Bo" not long after her arrival. Further guest spots on television would soon follow, among them the private eye series Barnaby Jones and action-comedy The Dukes Of Hazzard.

While she enjoyed success on the small screen, it was perhaps her roles in three cult horror classics that gave her a slice of greater fame, donning the scream queen mantle in such films as The Prey, playing an ill-fated camper stalked by a hulking deformity in the forest. Bloody Birthday saw her take on the role of a concerned babysitter forced to go on the offensive against three psychotic tykes. In Return To Horror High, she got to partake in an altogether different sort of slasher film that broke the rules and conventions of the genre in much the same manner as Wes Craven's Scream nine years later. Her co-star? Soon to be Oscar winner George Clooney before he was a superstar.

Lori's final role was in the 1999 drama Brokedown Palace with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale. She has since retired from acting to become a clinical psychologist, but will forever be remembered for her contribution to television/cult cinema.

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